Modern Mortgage Advisors:  Clarity, Content & Technology

Featuring Dan Keller, Addy Nett and Dave Savage

 Join us to learn from this powerful panel as they share the tips, tools, and technology that have worked for them to build a brand, a social media presence, a robust business, and a service approach to the modern mortgage business.

When: October 19th

Time: 12:00 pm

Where: Virtual Zoom Meeting



Dan Keller

Since 2018, Dan has been recognized nationally as a Top 1% mortgage loan officer.  Whether Dan is teaching a class of college students, a group of college/pro baseball players, or speaking to a group of 5000 high-achievers in business,his approach has always been the same:  show humility, inspire, and provide a clear pathway for higher learning on the topics of budgeting, money, real estate and investing in YOU.

Dan believes the best leaders are teachers.  Leaders inspire people to higher achievement.  They are a lighthouse, a trusted source, and a safe harbor to get through rough waters.  He understands that students, home buyers, and most business professionals are anxious, nervous, and often times, confused; but are working toward a desired outcome of mastery so they can apply the skills learned to a favorable outcome!

Dan’s professional resume:

2000-2001: Grad. Assistant teacher, Eastern Washington University
2006-2008: Professor Skagit Valley Community College
2013-present: National Paid Keynote Speaker, Mortgage/Real Estate Industry
2016-2020: Scottsman Guide Top 1% Loan Officer In America/Branch Manager


Dave Savage, Co-Founder, Mortgage Coach

DAVE is an innovator and change agent known in the mortgage industry for reinventing how loan officers quote rates and turn mortgage advice into a competitive advantage. Dave transforms loan officers into Black Belt Mortgage Advisors with a blend of high-tech and high-touch strategies and tactics. Dave is passionate about innovating sales training with a combination of video and YouTube. He’s recorded over 1,000 interviews with top mortgage professionals, authors, and industry leaders, making the Mortgage Coach YouTube channel “Netflix” for loan officers. Through his lifelong passion as an entrepreneur, Dave achieved this goal with SmartReply, a company he co-founded in 2000, which was one of the first three US companies to ever win a Mobile Marketing Award in 2005. 

Addy Nett, Mortgage Originator, Host of MLO Show

Addison doesn’t come from a traditional background, so he didn’t mind editing the rules of the game. Now 5 years down the road, Addy Nett is a successful advisor and host of #1 mortgage podcast, (MLO) Modern Loan Officer. – Thrive Global

Six years ago I was given the opportunity to land a job with a startup real estate mortgage team in Portland, Oregon. My first year was filled with assisting well-established mortgage professionals with their already grown client lists of real estate agents, home buyers, and sellers. This tiny assistant job gave me a foot in the door to the real estate & mortgage world. I was able to learn the money side of the real estate world and quickly subscribed to the fact that there was a serious opportunity to impact this industry by modernizing the service approach with technology, marketing, and education. Within two and a half years, I went from office assistant to a licensed mortgage originator, to managing a team and opening a mortgage bank branch. I had found momentum and quickly advanced in my career simply focusing on servicing clients, networking, and leveraging social media in a local capacity.

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