Income Property Lunch : Thursday, March 7, 2019- Blockchain & Disruptive Tech in Real Estate

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In our March session the WMBA and FIABCI will offer a glimpse into disruptive technologies that are transforming real estate. The real estate industry is a $217 trillion-plus global asset class, yet it has been largely un-transformed by technology… until now.

In the last 3 years over $19 billion in venture funding has been provided to over 500 companies in just the real estate technology sector. These firms products and services are now driving significant shifts in how real estate investors perform research, make decisions, find funding, connect to service providers, and manage assets. Efficiencies and high order intelligence is now being embedded into how law firms, lenders, and brokerages engage with customers and operate much more efficiently.

With advances in big data, machine learning, blockchain and cloud-based applications the buying, selling, and servicing of real estate is starting to experience a monumental paradigm shift. In the March session we will explore which technologies will have the earliest and largest impact on real estate with a special focus on blockchain and artificial intelligence. Please join us for a preview into real estate’s next evolution.


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Thursday, March 7, 2019
Registration 11:30 AM
Lunch 12:00 PM



Perkins Coie Conference Center
1201 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101