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September 2020 WMBA President’s Message

Fellow WMBA Family,
Well as I sit down this afternoon to send my last President’s Message I clearly have a full range of emotions. As you all know by now I have a great deal of passion and care for the Washington Mortgage Bankers Association and this industry. The last two years have been nothing short of unprecedented, amazing and a learning experience for me.
I have been so honored to be the President of this great organization for two terms and to have the privilege and honor to be the 100th and 101st President of the organization. I never took for granted the expectation and legacy left for me by the 99 other great leaders, mentors and President’s and how truly amazing it is this organization has been operating now for 101 years through so many industry cycles, changes and times.
As I look back at the last two years I could not have done this without an amazing board.  My Vice President Lisa Goldsmith has been the most amazing human being I have ever had the privilege of serving with.  Along with Lisa my Executive Board Andy McDonough and Jim DeMarco who committed to meeting a minimum of every two weeks to work on the organization versus just working in the organization.  These three are your next three President’s and are so committed and ready to take this organization forward.
I also had a full and amazing board, plus committee chairs. They say it takes a village we definitely needed everyone who worked so hard to bring value to our members and industry.
As I reflect on my time as the President of this great organization one word keeps coming to mind over and over GRATEFUL.
I’m so grateful for my Mortgage Industry Family and all of the people who wake up every day to help American’s with the Dream of Home Ownership and leverage their homes to better their families lives.
On October 6th as I hand over the reigns and baton to Lisa Goldsmith I can tell you that you are in amazing hands. Lisa is qualified, driven and someone that deeply cares about making a difference and working on bettering our organization every day.
Lisa has been such an integral part of the success of this organization and worked hand in hand with the board, our lobbyist Jessica, National MBA and anyone and everyone to help navigate all of the craziness that has happened since COVID 19 started.
If you remember anything from my time at the podium I hope you remember two things.
  • Vote with your two feet –  Show up and be present at anything and everything.  The biggest investment you can make is in yourself and being involved.
  • The most powerful tool you have is your voice.  Be involved and use your voice to help support our organization, our industry and your families future ability to earn.
As I move from President to “Past President” I ask you to attend our September meeting and help us swear in our new board.  They are committed and ready to support your voice and take our organization to it’s 102nd year of success.
Thank you for the opportunity and privilege of serving you all and this organization.
Stay Healthy, Safe and strong.

Robert Lipston | President

Washington Mortgage Bankers Association

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