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November 2020 WMBA President’s Message

Dear WMBA Members,

As we begin this WMBA year together, change is virtually overwhelming. Our industry and our organizations are changing in the moment, day in day out.  And, we are navigating that change together virtually.  I believe that we are uniquely qualified to serve and lead now and into the new future.

For more than a year, I’ve consulted with past WMBA presidents and our leaders about how we can lead WMBA into what’s next.  How can we both, preserve the legacy of the 101 years of our leadership, and, how can we find the path to a sustainable future?  In the end, we all know that WMBA is the power of our united voices, visions, and collective share of knowledge.  I believe that we have all always benefited from networking and exchanging ideas and experience. 

If there is only one leadership outcome that we can generate in this time, let’s share and collaborate, leading from the top of all our member organizations, in a common cause to diversify WMBA, our member organizations, and our communities.  We have the potential to make a meaningful difference by closing the gap in homeownership, building wealth for the broader population, and recruiting a diverse new generation of mortgage bankers.  I believe that we are at a pivot point and now is the time that will sustain our future opportunities.

We are a fortunate group of essential workers.  Many are accomplishing unimaginable results that will impact our organizations, communities, and families for future generations. I believe that all of us can recognize this opportunity and create this higher possibility.

I believe that we are inherently responsible to give back, pay it forward, create opportunity, and generate outreach, that reflects, replenishes, and sustains the power and privilege of our current and future economic and social position.  Will you join me?


Lisa Goldsmith| President

Washington Mortgage Bankers Association

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