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January 2021 WMBA President’s Message

Dear WMBA Members,

Last year our 2020 Vision seemed to be full of potential and possibilities. As we roll into 2021 what could possibly happen next?

As an industry, we’ve become experts at what I call being “Change Agents” – from Dodd Frank right up and through 2020 – we are poised to pivot. Are we prepared for changes that will happen in 2021?

With 2020 so close in the rearview mirror, it’s like a MAC truck following us too closely. How will you develop a vision for 2021? We often hear the recommendation that we need to get Back to Basics; I’m guessing you’ve mastered the basics. Whether you have a business plan, a coaching system, or state of the art systems and technology, WMBA’s goal is here to support and provide you current, relevant, topics and conversations to plan and adapt.

Let’s get focused with the January events that WMBA is hosting:

  • CEO panel – featuring top CEOs and Presidents along with Moderator Rose Marie David.
  • Lennox Scott – 2021 Housing Forecast: Cyclone of Sales Activity Intensity™ – How long will it last???

The WMBA PAC contributions are more important in 2021 as we have a very long session. There will be plenty of issues to address. And, our preeminent lobbyist – Jessica Fortescue – will be working overtime to support our industry in Olympia. You will benefit corporately and personally and making a PAC contribution is an opportunity for each of you to contribute to generating a stronger industry.

It is my honor and privilege to have this virtual podium and I appreciate every one of you who have read and consider these remarks!

Lisa Goldsmith| President

Washington Mortgage Bankers Association

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