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November 2022 WMBA President’s Message

Hello WMBA Members and Friends!

I am honored and excited to be your 2022-2023 President and for the opportunity to share this short message. Hopefully you enjoyed the September Board Installation Program with Bill Kilmer and the October Program which highlighted a panel of Fabulous Local Industry Leaders… October featured a great program with amazing panelists. It is great to be back in session. Wow!

As the Northwest transitions from summer into fall, so does the local real estate scene. Truth is, we have travelled this path many times before. Having personally been a member of the Consumer Lending and Mortgage Finance space since 1980, I am confident with our readiness to move through this season and excel into the future. Lean all the way in, link arms with battle tested examples, and ride with confidence!

On the topic of riding, I rode motorcycle this past June from my home in Lacey, Washington to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. The trip included 16 days of sensory engagement spent over 5600 miles of various weather & terrain. It was an amazing experience! In retrospect, the trip reminded me of a recent comment spoken by a Mortgage Industry Leader who said, “…we must be knowledgeable, we must be tactical and we must be visionary in order to succeed in today’s environment”.

All of the above was true in executing my successful Prudhoe Bay journey and back home. Many hours of previous riding experience provided a base of knowledge for navigating the roadway. I studied and trained for nearly 3 years talking with experts who previously made the journey and helped me develop real life tactics. And finally, but most importantly, I had a clear vision of myself standing at Prudhoe Bay.

So today, my message to you is, you can win in this current environment. Look to your experience for gathering knowledge; partner with others and train to build tactical resource skills; and most importantly have belief in your vision because ultimately, the why behind your vision will fuel your success

We look forward to seeing you at future WMBA Programs and Events. Continue to follow our calendar and look for us on social media. If there is anything we can do to support you or help to promote the benefits of WMBA Membership, please let us know.






John Smith WMBA Board President


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