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April 2020 WMBA President’s Message

Fellow WMBA Family,

As the world around us has slowed to a halt and our family’s safety has become the number one priority for our world, I must stop to share how truly grateful I am; for many reasons.

First, for the continued health, safety and security of our members, our member’s families, our friends and our colleagues.

Second, our industry is considered an essential work force and we remain employed, to help our customers with the American dream of home ownership and to leverage their homes as most people’s largest asset.

Third, as we navigate these unprecedented times our members have unified in so many ways to leverage the enormous wealth of knowledge, wisdom and talent to help each other make quick and fluid decisions for our members, families and for our industry.

Forth and most important, is that I would like to give an extremely loud shout out in gratitude to Jessica Fortescue, our Lobbyist, who through this ever changing, politically charged landscape, and the upheaval of our industry’s needs, has brought her years of experience, her extensive relationships, and her pure expertise to make our organization’s needs heard by our regulators, legislators, and most importantly our Governor.   Please join me in thanking Jessica for your partnership and her commitment to the success of our organization, our families and our industry.

As we all work through these unprecedented times, unsettling conditions, and volatile market environment, I want to remind you that we are all one family united by our relationships and our industry.   If there is something you or anyone needs I’m always a phone call away.

Please be safe and know we are here to protect the health, safety and livelihood of our industry and our members.

From my family to yours, hang in there, be strong, and know we are more powerful as one united voice in solidarity and I will be here for you and so will the WMBA.



Robert Lipston | WMBA President


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