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May 2020 WMBA President’s Message

Fellow WMBA Family,

It seems that May has brought a glimmer of hope to us. As we see the wheels rolling to a slow and careful opening of our state, I know that many of us have been challenged with what the new normal will look like.

Thank you to the individual leaders and companies that have stepped up to help WMBA be the strong force that it has enjoyed for 101 years. It has been encouraging to me to see our members engage in the hopeful planning of our annual Golf Classic, to join us in our leadership meetings, to engage with their time and resources in ways that have helped the industry to be a voice in our government.

I hope that you are encouraged by the people around you as I have. We have had a lot to absorb, flex and change with, but WMBA and it’s members have been able to be in a position of strength during this time. We have a voice and alliance  in our government to help us navigate this uncertain time. Be sure to learn more about Jessica our lobbyist at

This week of May 4-8th brings us to MAA Action Week. You will see emails and social media ads come out this week to encourage all to Join MAA and be a voice nationally for the Mortgage Bankers. You will get timely news and information on what is happening right now in the federal government that will affect you and help you to craft an action to help make a  change! Please go to MAA Take Action for more information.  Join MAA today.

So much has changed these last couple of months. I am thinking of all the 2020 High School graduates that did not get their senior year. WMBA has a scholarship program that is open to members with graduating high schoolers. We are now accepting applications, the deadline is June 1st. Please take a look at more information and get the application at

We have had some changes to our schedule, so please refer back often the website for more information as it unfolds. We are all looking forward to getting back out to see one another in a safe and healthy way.

Please join me in adding your voice to MAA this week.

From my family to yours,



Robert Lipston | WMBA President


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